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Updated on: August 1, 2023
Department Name
Alaska Department of Corrections
Juneau 802 3rd Street, Douglas, Alaska 99824
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About Alaska Department of Corrections

The Alaska Department of Corrections is an organization of the state government liable for corrections. The Department oversees foundations, probation, and parole. The present chief is Dignitary Williams. The office has its base camp in the Douglas an office also in the city of Juneau and an office in Anchorage.

The Territory of Alaska accepted the corrections effort on January 3, 1959. Before statehood, the Government Department of Jails had restorative purview over Alaska.

Starting in 2005 Alaska kept over 30% of its detainees in private offices out of state, the greater part of them at the Florence Remedial Center in the city of Florence, Arizona, claimed and worked by Corrections Company of America. These insights left Alaska positioning #2 among states in level of its prisoners in private penitentiaries, and not at all like New Mexico, the pioneer, a considerable lot of the Alaskans were prisoners anticipating preliminary.

By the year of 2009 Alaska had transferred these detainees from Florence to CCA's Red Stone Restorative Center in the city of Eloy, Arizona, and were transferring them once more, to the Hudson Remedial Office in Hudson, Colorado, at that point under agreement with jail administrator Cornell Organizations. With the new $240 million Goose Brook Remedial Center in July 2012 opening, it enabled the state to take those detainees back to Alaska.

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