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About Arizona Department of Corrections

The Arizona Department of Corrections is statutory answerable for the imprisonment of detainees in 10 jails in the U.S. province of Arizona. As of December 2015, the ADC oversees more than 42,643 detained prisoners and more than 5,466 detainees who have been paroled or that are statutorily discharged. ADC is likewise in associated with enlistment and preparing of Prison guards at the COTA. It has its base camp in Downtown Phoenix.

The men's death row is situated in the Carmelizing Unit of Arizona State Jail Complex – Eyman. The ladies' death row is in the Lumley Unit of the Arizona State Jail Complex-Perryville. Executions happen at the Focal Unit of the Arizona State Jail Complex – Florence. Starting in 2010 one Arizona death-row prisoner is restricted in West Virginia.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Arizona

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