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Updated on: August 3, 2023

About Arkansas Department of Corrections

The Arkansas Department of Remedy is a state office that works state detainment facilities. The office has its central command in the Pine Bluff Complex in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

For the analytic procedure, male prisoners belong in the Ouachita River Corrections Unit in the city of Malvern, and ladies belong in the McPherson Unit in the city of Newport. The male death row detainees are held in the Varner Super Max Unit for ladies with capital punishments are gotten at McPherson. Demise chamber is situated in the Cummins Unit. Beforehand the Demonstrative Unit in Pine Bluff Unit was the admission unit for male detainees.

After the admission procedure, most detainees go to what is known as the parent unit for their underlying task. The male parent units are Varner, Cummins, Tucker, East Arkansas, and Grimes. The McPherson Unit is known as the parent unit for female inmates. The exemptions to the parent unit procedures are made for detainees going to training camp, wellbeing reasons, along with security reasons. The underlying assignments keep going for at any rate 60 days. Detainees might be moved to different units dependent on conduct, institutional needs, work accessibility, and accessible space.

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