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Updated on: September 1, 2023
Department Name
Colorado Department of Corrections
1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States
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About Colorado Department of Corrections

The Department of Corrections in the state of Colorado is the chief partition of the Colorado government that works the state detainment facilities. The Colorado Department of Corrections is responsible for nearly 20 state-run penitentiaries and furthermore has been associated with 7 revenue-driven jails in Colorado, of which Colorado at present agreements with 3 revenue-driven detainment facilities.

All detainees coming into the Colorado DOC framework initially go to the DRDC before setting off to their allocated offices; assignments are basically controlled by security level, and every office can suit prisoners of various security levels.

At present, the territory of Colorado has no assigned death row. Detainees with capital punishments are given groupings of "Close", the most noteworthy authority assignment conceivable. Starting at 2017, all detainees with capital punishments are situated at the Sterling Restorative Office. The death chamber is situated at the Colorado State Prison. By state rule, executions occur there.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Colorado

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