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District of Columbia

District of Columbia Inmate Search

Updated on: September 30, 2023
Department Name
District of Columbia Department of Corrections
2000 14th Street, NW, Seventh Floor, Washington, DC 20009
Phone Number
(202) 698-4932
(202) 671-2043

About District of Columbia Department of Corrections

The DC Department of Corrections is one of 17 offices under the Locale of Columbia's open wellbeing bunch. The DOC crucial to give a protected, secure, methodical and sympathetic condition for the containment of pretrial prisoners and condemned detainees, while bearing those in guardianship significant rehabilitative open doors that will help them to usefully re-coordinate into the network.

DOC at present works one of the 50 biggest metropolitan prison frameworks in the nation with a normal everyday populace of around 2,600 inmates. The DOC framework is involved two essential remedial offices—the Focal Confinement Office otherwise called the DC Prison and the secretly worked Restorative Treatment Office. Moreover, DOC contracts with four secretly worked shelter for the network position of male/female prisoners that offer an assortment of instructive chances and other programming administrations.

Both the DC Prison and Remedial Treatment Office are completely licensed by the American Restorative Affiliation (ACA). This assignment reflects consistency with basic wellbeing, security, operational and automatic orders.

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