Prison and Jail Locator

Prison and Jail Locator When your loved one gets sent to a prison or a jail, the one thing you always want to do is locate him or her.

What if you were told that you can easily locate anyone in a prison or a jail within the United States right here on

Wouldn’t that be great?


Here’s everything you need to know to have a successful inmate search.

Prison Search by State Using Correctional Facilities Locator

First and foremost, you will need to at most know the inmates home facility along with what state they are currently in to do a successful search on the website.

If you do not know what state, you will have the long drawn out process of clicking on all states to see if they are in this state or that state. You will need to keep in mind when using this option, it may take an extra minute or two for the entire database to be searched for the name that you entered.

What do you do next?

Once you put in the name of the facility that he or she is in and you click search, a list of facilities will pop up that matches your search results.

This is where you will click on one of the facilities that matches your query and you will go down to how to find an inmate.

Read the how to find an inmate section to find out how to locate the inmate in that facility. Most state facilities, federal facilities, and county jails will have their inmate database.

What Happens if There is No Database?

Now, in the off chance that you are looking for a person who is being held in a city or county jail that does not have a public inmate list available on the web, you will need to get in touch with that correctional facility at the number provided.

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