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About Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

The restorative side of DPSCS activities incorporates all Maryland State jails. Committed professionals regulate 17 detainment facilities and pre-discharge focuses who’s strategy to ensure the public by imprisoning condemned lawbreakers.

Institutional security is a key need of the Department for both staff and the detainee populace. Expanded posse distinguishing proof, knowledge coordination, and booty ban endeavors all through restorative organizations have diminished viciousness against both staff and prisoners in the course of recent years drastically. A huge piece of this decrease in attacks is expected to DPSCS' war on PDAs. Expanded staff preparing and knowledge gathering endeavors joined with unique K-9 endeavors have gotten unlawful phones well above past discover rates.

Public Safety Works, another activity of the Department, allows prisoners to take care of society, while all the while learning significant business aptitudes and immaterial yet significant attributes, for example, a persistence, sympathy, and network appreciation.

The Department likewise gives significant injured individual administrations to those whose lives have been affected by offenders under remedial supervision.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Maryland

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