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About Montana Department of Corrections

Offenders are sent to the Department of Corrections from courts in each edge of the state as discipline for the lawful offense wrongdoings they have submitted, and to ensure society. Every year, around 1,250 offenders stroll into Montana's jail framework and 1,200 exits. By and large, offenders serve barely two years in jail before coming back to the network. The department's Probation and Probation officers administer around 8,500 offenders in networks all through the state.

At the Montana Department of Corrections, we do all that we can to enable these offenders to turn out to be better-returning residents. In the generally brief timeframe, we need to work with most offenders, we endeavor to encourage them to acknowledge duty regarding the violations they carried out and see how those wrongdoings influenced their unfortunate casualties. We show them how to change the way they think, conquer their addictions and deal with their emotional well-being issues. What's more, we encourage them occupation and fundamental abilities.

It's a difficult task, yet our prosperity is crucial to open security in each network in the state. What's more, therefore, every single network has a personal stake in getting occupied with and supporting the department's endeavors to set up these residents for effective reemergence.

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