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Updated on: September 14, 2023
Department Name
Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services
P.O. Box #94661 Lincoln, NE 68509-4661
Phone Number
(402) 471-2654

About Nebraska Dept. of Correctional Services

NDCS tries to be the best in the matter of adjustments. Business, as usual, is yesterday's presentation objective. We look for greatness when we set new objectives and challenge each other to achieve the things we figured we were unable to do. We gain from each understanding to improve the work we do.

NDCS has a statutory obligation to be careful individuals in the general population, individuals who work for the organization, individuals who visit its jails and the individuals living in its detainment facilities. This is cultivated through sound detainment practices and everyday watchfulness.

Great security envelops significantly more than tallies, look and bolted entryways. It incorporates giving chances to imprisoned people to change thinking and conduct. Those open doors are encouraged by evaluations, treatment, programming, and far-reaching reemergence arranging.

Effectively completing our crucial how we accomplish this vision. The vision of our office is an immediate impression of the fact that we are so essential to a deliberate society.

Using successful mediations, motivating forces and fitting authorizations we make penitentiaries safe. By making safe jails where individuals can participate in genius social exercises and address needs that decrease their hazard to re-offend, their lives are changed. At the point when individuals become contributing citizenry, our networks are protected.

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