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Updated on: July 13, 2023

About Oregon Department of Corrections

The Oregon Department of Corrections works under the control of ORS 423, is answerable for the focal organization of state remedial foundations. The strategic DOC is to lessen the danger of criminal direct through an association with networks, with a continuation of network supervision, imprisonment, authorizes and administrations to oversee offender conduct. The central incentive in the continuum of probation, jail and parole is the rule that the least prohibitive technique be utilized to oversee offender conduct, reliable with open wellbeing.

For over a one hundred years, the Oregon managed with a solitary jail, starting with the Oregon Region Prison in Oregon City, established in 1842. In 1846 after the fire there was a short stretch in Portland, the Oregon State Penitentiary finally opened in the city of Salem during the 1850s.

Types of Correctional Facilities in Oregon

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